Capture Inspector

Control Strips

ChromaChecker™ CCI-84 Control Strip

Multipurpose control strip for overall system analysis,  effective and simple G7® and TVI calibration.
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ChromaChecker™ VI-816 (dedicated for digital presses)


VI-816 is designed to calculate the variation of the patches of the same kind located in various locations on the sheet. Additionally test firm contains all patches required to analyze dot gain and grays including accurate G7® calibration. To learn more - click here.



Minimal control strips

For everyday production sometimes is very hard to place full-size control strips. We have designed small control strips that can be placed in-between regular jobs. Reduced amount of patches and small size gives an opportunity to locate it in the gaps. Click here to learn more.



TVI Control Strips

Dedicated for TVI calibration. To learn more click here.



Other Control Strips

Additional ControlStrips are available from menu content.