This cloud-based solution is dedicated to anyone who cares of color precision and accuracy for any process. Whether you are the manufacturer in Plastics, Fabrics or Print you will want to use ChromaChecker™ because this is the first “color cloud” which incorporates all the components that are required for accurate color reproduction: lighting, instrumentation, substrates and actual devices. It allows for reporting conformance based on the operator, based on timeframe, job number, customer; any way you want to define your process. 

Our goal is to educate the user on what the precision and accuracy is for any device, and provide tools which help you interpret actual results to optimize the color accuracy of your devices.

ChromaChecker™ was founded by a couple of color-experts with many years of experience, whose goal is to develop solutions using practical approaches to solving complex tasks that are not being addressed today. Precise analysis of the problem allows our solutions to use unconventional approaches to solve them. We believe that solutions have to be simple and understandable for the user to fully benefit. In the end, our solutions solve complex tasks using simple procedures. In other words, the focus is on the user and not the technology.


ChromaChecker™ Tools

ChromaChecker is a set of cloud-based applications for color control that offers device independent, fast and accurate evaluation of measured data. A wide range of instruments and measuring software can be used to produce CxF or other compatible data. Registered users can upload files for detailed analysis and for documentation purposes. Advanced remote spectral data analysis helps to solve various problem in the printing industry. Capture measurement data then upload data to our servers for advanced analysis. Dedicated for different purposes, the analysis software will create detailed reports. Advanced technology enables user to interpret typical issues and helps to solve problems. 

ChromaChecker™ Training Programs and Production Procedures

Typical problems can be solved with methodology developed by our experts who have years of experience, and a high level of knowledge. Our training courses help not only to solve typical problems but also to understand  the causes of the problems so they can be prevented in the future. 



We offer a custom made cloud based solution. Our software can be adjusted to a customer's expectations. We can integrate it with various needs and different workflows.  Our staff can build flexible and effective solutions.  



We're always doing research and thanks to the cooperation of the top world color experts that we consult with, our products have become highly advanced.  In our laboratories, we are constantly working on new ideas, developing practical solutions for the industry. 


Head Office

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