Environmental Inspector

We know that capturing environmental data may help to solve several issues:

Temperature has an influence on dot gain, alcohol concentration, drying process and much more.
Incorrect humidity may change overprints, execute electrostatic discharges or trigger nozzle clogging ...
There is a long list of the reason why to use RHT DataLoggers.


How does it work?

Small RH/T measuring device is installed in the pressroom. Thanks to 24/7 Internet connection  Relative Humidity and Temperature are constantly monitored. Data are automatically transferred to ChromaChecker Cloud for future analysis.


How to start?

1. Order our new product: ChromaChecker™ RHT Cloud DataLogger 
2. Buy 5-Presses Print Inspector Subscription and get one free in Starter Kit.
3. If you have one - our ASSISTANT may help you to install it


Yoy may also:



Understanding of  the colored indicators in Print Inspector dashboard:

in the range
In the last 24h parameters
were out of the range
no current
not available