Environmental Inspector

Comet Data Loggers

Today ChromaChecker supports following Comet Data Loggers with Ethernet  port:

T4511, T3511, T2514, T0510, T4511,T510 and T7510


To collect measurements, Comet Data Logger has to be connected to the Internet. 

This device by default has IP address – a web browser is required to set proper communication settings in order to work with ChromaChecker™ cloud.

If you need you can see a demo data logger working here.


There are 3 easy steps to go:

1. Click on Settings button, next go to Network Tab 

Setup: new IP address, Default Gateway, and DNS server. You may want to obtain IP address automatically too. 



2. Go to SOAP protocol tab and make it enabled.

  • Define SOAP server address:
  • set port to: 80
  • and Sending interval to: 30 min


3. Login on ChromaChecker account and go to Environmental Inspector

  • On the top bar click on: Add new datalogger.
  • Specify device type (select model)
  • Device name (workflow name) ( the same as defined in device setup)
  • A serial number is required (available from device web page or label on the enclosure).
  • Set tolerance for temperature and  humidity
  • Assign data logger to already defined printing device (optionally)
  • Optionally make description 
  • Set up accountability (select responsible operator)


If your environmental conditions will be out of specified range a warning indicator will be displayed in Print Inspector Dashboard.