Supported Instruments

X-Rite eXact / eXact Scan

X-Rite eXact is supported by the limited software solutions on the market today. 


To capture data we recommend Alwan Print Verifier.  This software enables fast and efficient target scanning and automatic (FTP, up to 3 min. delayed) data upload.

To measure Instrument Inspector Targets you can download Job Templates dedicated to various Instrument Inspector Targets: B-42, X-42 or I-42


Alwan Print Verifier Job Templates for ChromaChecker Targets:

ChromaChecker™ II Target B-42 X-42.jobTemplate

ChromaChecker™ II Target I-42 Exact manual.jobTemplate

ChromaChecker™ II Target I-42 Exact Scan.jobTemplate


Quick Manual

  1. Download related Job Templates 
  2. Launch Alwan Print Verifier
  3. Import Job Template
  4. Set Press name /Substrate Name in both Job Template and Instrument/ Target Preferences
  5. Setup FTP connection In APV preferences
  6. Check if upload works correctly  - remember - there is a delay in FTP connection ( up to 3 minutes)


Automatic Data Upload and recognition

To automate data upload the FTP account - consult how to setup FTP connection by clicking here

In Instrument Inspector go to Instrument/ Target Preferences and enter corresponding Press Name / Paper Name combination. Be sure that it is unique for all tracks and instrument/target pair in your workflow. 



Calibration Plaque — how to measure

Instead of the normal way of triggering the measurement, press the small rod at the bottom of the instrument as shown below:

Alwan Print Verifier Job Template for Calibration Plaque:
Alwan Print Verifier (APV) White Calibration Plaque .JobTemplate



X-Rite Exact DataMeasure software

There is another possible  (not recommended, but free) method to scan I-42 Instrument Inspector Target — to learn more click here