X-Rite eXact / eXact Scan

eXact Scan — DataMeasure.csv

Unless you own Alwan Print Verifier, there has not been an "easy" and fast software program to measure ChromaChecker Instrument Inspector target for weekly or monthly assessments for the eXact instrument, until now. ChromaChecker has add the ability  to measure the I-42 Target driving eXact and Exact Scan with X-Rite's free DataMeasure v.1.3.0 software.

To capture ChromaChecker™ I-42 Instrument Inspector Target:

  1. Launch DataMeasure v.1.3.0 and connect eXact (measurement condition knob turned on "zero" (0)— means that in the software will capture M0/M2/M3 data, turned on "one" (1) the software will capture M1 data, if you always use the instrument in one mode, you only need to measure the target in the same mode, which means you can skip steps 8-13)
  2. Set Patch Width to 6 mm and Patch Count to 46 patches
  3. Set Output Path to any dedicated subfolder on your hard drive
  4. Set Output Format to Excel (*.csv) and Output Option select as shown below:

  5. The software requires a paper measurement— measure any white area. When successfully done, Start Button will become active.
  6. Click on "Start", place instrument of the first Black patch and start scanning strip (scan all 46 patches)

  7. File will be exported to designated directory automatically
  8. If you use the eXact in both M0/2/3 and M1, complete the next steps; if not, you are finished.
  9. Switch knob on instrument to opposite mode from your initial measurement; M1 (1) measurement condition
  10. Change destination file name to new one (otherwise software will over write existing measurement file)
  11. Remeasure Paper
  12. Press Start button and scan Target with M1
  13. Upload the two measurement files to ChromaChecker Instrument Inspector.



It's possible to scan just 42 key patches ( ignoring first four KCMY) but due to measurement stability, we recommend to scan all 46 patches.  

It is much faster to capture Targets with Alwan Print Verifier. Check also if a current version of basICColor Catch support eXact (feature coming soon).

New, future version of ChromaChecker DataCollector software (v1.5) will solve the file renaming issue in X-Rite DataMeasure and will enable an automatic upload to ChromaChecker server based on soap protocol, click here to be notified of DataCollector 1.5 availability or to beta test.