Print Inspector


This feature enables marking measurement files with flags (colored dots on the list).
Each user can define a list of custom flags / names and colors. To create flags go to top menu and click on Flags:





A list of flags will be displayed:


Click on Edit to define:



Finally, Flags can help to mark specific data:


Move your mouse over the  Flag to read the description.




Data filtering with Flags

You may filter your measurements with Flags. In the Track view,
select proper checkboxes in the Setup section, next press    button.






There is a way to automatically flag measurement file – system can recognize strings in on of following fields:
Customer, Job ID, JobName or Operator.

Software like: Alwan Print Standardizer or Alwan Print Verifier can be used for this task very easy.



If you want to compare how few press operators are working,
you may use flags to mark each job with the operator name.   


 If yo are using APV or APS, you may set operator's name in the software.
This information will be recognized by ChromaChecker™ – measurements will be flagged automatically.
In this example, the red Flag is used to mark David's work.

To set operator name in Alwan software go to Job Template and edit it (admin mode).