Technical Specification

Hardware Configuration

Capture can work with various external devices that will extend the application productivity. Especially if more than one operator is going to share one measurement device, and there is plenty of printing devices/substrates to be selected every single measurement our automatization features CC Capture can be configured in more advanced way.


Typical production scanning station may require to connect:

  • Measurement Instrument 
  • QR code (barcode) Reader
  • ID Card Reader
  • Label Printer


Caution: Potential power failure issues!

Be sure that your devices are powered properly!  Some devices like barcode readers or ID card readers are powered by USB – those devices may need 300 – 500 mA or even more / each. Power failure can cause losing connection or handshake errors!  It is recommended to double check power requirements before connecting devices to a computer. The USB hub with the external power supply may fix a potential issue. 


Serial Connection

Some devices require serial port – to learn more about this refer our manual here.




Measurement Instrument 

Today CC Capture can connect devices via:

  • USB port (X-Rite: i1Pro , i1iO, i1iSis, eXact, Techkon: SpectroDense)
  • Serial Port  (in most cases via USB/Serial adapter) (X-Rite iCPlate2)
  • Bluetooth Connection (X-Rite: eXact*, Color Sentinel:  CS-110)


* Exact BT connection with Apple Mac is not stable due to hardware incompatibility. 



QR/barcode Readers

Capture can work with any reader that supports serial port. It might be physical - onboard RS-232 socket, serial port USB adapter, virtual serial port ( Virtual Com / CDC) or Bluetooth SPP. Consult our manual to learn more.

The user may test any device that can be switched from USB HID interface (keyboard emulation). We recommend any barcode supporting Virtual Serial Com (CDC). Consult our compatibility list.



ID Card Readers

A variety of identification system like RFID can be supported:

  • Unique
  • Mifare Classic
  • Mifare Plus
  • Mifare Desfire (UID)
  • iCode
  • HID iClass (CSN)
  • ISO14443 compatible
  • ISO15693 compatible

 A corresponding card reader with RS-232 or USB Virtual Com cable is required to be connected to a computer.


The secure way how Capture works with any ID system.

Capture uses a portion of data received from a card reader. In the next step, a one -way SHA-512 encryption algorithm created hashed card fingerprint - only the first 26 characters are processed to recognize the operator.

No original data received from the cart is transmitted or stored in the cloud!. Additionally, the user may reduce the amount of data delivered by the reader to improve the security of the solution

 Typical Capture fingerprint looks like:


and is useless for any other purpose - only CC Capture can compare it to reference string. There is NO risk for the user that data stored in the Cloud can be used to jailbreak ID system.