Supported Instruments

X-Rite i1iO 1 & 2


Data collection using i1iO ver. 1 or 2 can be driven by one of the following programs:


  1. X-Rite i1 Profiler (free demo version software - but devoid of production features such as atomic data sending, advanced metadata support.

  2. BasicoColor Catch - affordable commercial software that gives you high levels of automation. The positioning of the target on the measuring table is stored. If we put Target in the same position in the future - the program can be run without the full positioning. Adopting a simple Target Placement rule, such as the lower left corner of the table, makes scanning fast.



1. X-Rite i1 Profiler

1. Launch X-Rite™ i1Profiler software. This software can be used in demo mode for data capture.
Download this software free from X-Rite web site:
Switch software from Basic to Advanced mode.


2. Connect your instrument to the computer.   

3.  In Workflow Selector menu select "Measure Reference Chart" in CMYK Printer section.

1 U-42 i1Profiler start page


4. Select your instrument (Device setup) 


Set measurement Mode to single scan

3 Click Measure button


Position the Target on the electrostatic surface, such that that does not exceed the black markings. Be sure that height adjustment of the arm is correct.

  The alignment of the Target on the i1iO table is irrelevant, as any position is compensated by the software.


  Mount instrument on the base plate of i1iO, next press "Measure" button).

  Remember to clean white reference (integrated with i1iO table) before measurements. Be sure that instrument is not very cold or hot (store it in its recommended temperature). Check if optical patch is free of artefacts and dust. Carefully clean glass if necessary. Proper calibration process has very strong influence on measurement results. 

  Check also glider ring - it must be replaced periodically. Make sure that the glider ring touches the Target all times during the scan.

 Set position of three Target's corners:

position 1 – B
position 2 – G 
position 3 – R 


a. Place the  crosshair over the center of the BLUE patch, next click measurements button on i1 Pro to record position 1.

4 Set position 1

b. Place the  crosshair over the center of the GREEN patch, next click measurements button on i1 Pro to record position 2.

5 Set position 2

C. Place the  crosshair over the center of the RED patch, next click measurements button on i1 Pro to record position 3.

7 Read all Patches

Next click: "Read all Patches"

Displayed on screen patch layout shows ChromaChecker Target rotated 90° clockwise.

  Watch the video to learn how fast is positioning and scanning procedure (single scan mode). 

11. When measurement completed successfully save CxF file on your hard drive. Your data are ready for upload. Use naming convention with target serial number. 

8 Save data as CxF file (*.cxf)

12.  Upload data to your ChromaChecker account.



2. BasicoColor Catch 5