Create custom Color Palette/ Library

i1 Profiler - how to create Color Library?

It is possible to create Color Library with i1Profiler in free demo version

  1. Launch i1 Profiler in advanced mode.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 14.44.51

  2. In a Printer select "Measure Chart"

  3. select instrument and Define Patch Layout - for single sample select 1x1, for more – modify setting according to needs

    or for 3 samples:

  4. Click on Measurements, next calibrate instrument

  5. Measure samples

  6. Click on Save button, next specify destination and select CxF as a file format

  7. Upload CxF file to ChromaChecker Color Inspector

    single sample will be split to 3 measurement conditions

    multiple samples will be split and mixed...

 We are planning to build a tool that will combine various measurement conditions into a single sample soon.