Instrument Inspector

Harmonizer requires selecting a Master Instrument. Measurements coming from all instruments will be recalculated "on-the-fly" to match Master as close as possible. The system will report what is the expected improvement, and provide the new workflow E-Factor. 


Any instrument may be used but we have some basic guidelines:

Master Instrument should:

  • Be stable and repeatable – lower instrument variations makes the calculation more precise.
  • Measure in all measurement conditions used in within your workflow (e.g. M0, M1, M2 typically used by substrate inspector)
  • Be able to measure all ChromaChecker targets used within your environment  (e.g. I-42, X-42, B-42)
  • Has to cover widest spectral range for your existing workflow (e.g. 380-720 nm instead of 400-700 nm)


Various vendors offer Instruments appropriate to use as Master Instrument. 
Here is a short list:

  • X-Rite eXact Scan
  • Konica-Minolta FD-7
  • Techkon SpectroDens

All of these instruments have built-in displays that show current measurement - for the Master Instrument correction will be very low (or no correction at all) so the measurements will be accurate.  


The role of Master Instrument is critically important and to create accurate Master Instrument baseline.
If more than one Target is required a separate baseline for each target has to be created.