Print Inspector

iPad Print Inspector App for press operators

Print Inspector on iPad  (press operator view)

1. Log in and click on Print Inspector Circle


2. Select Press and Track


3. The Timeline is displayed: (shows last 50 measurements, provides recent history)

Clicking on the line graph will toggle between Precision and Accuracy trend lines, CMYK Solids conformance, and RGB Overprints conformance, providing a history of how these parameters have been performing.

4. Enter InkZone tab (bottom menu)

Gray background rectangles and green lines show ink GPS information - optimal range where values are in the tolerance. Can isolate one side on a two sided press.

Additionally, Ipad App displays useful information related to last press sheet including: E-Factor value, Conformance parameters passing or failing, TVI (dot gain) curves, global density correction, variation within the color bar (number in parentheses underneath optimal density value) alerts and warnings related to data loggers status.

5. Summary button provides the summary view on any page report: 

 Which provides the overall assessment criteria, and E-Factor score, the actual CMYK values with instructions to increase or decrease to get to approved condition and optimum condition, the TVI actual versus Targeted, and RGB overprints conformance.