Supported Instruments

Komori Press-side Instruments

PDC Series 


PDC-SX Spectral Print Density Control SX Model

PDC-SX is spectral. For the color control function, an automatic X-Y travel system is used so that measurement can be performed regardless of the position of the color bar to maximize the image area of the sheet.


PDC-SII  Spectral Print Density Control SII Model

PDC-SII is spectral, and support I-42 Instrument Inspector Target. We have checked this instrument
In practice, it is OEM version of X-Rite Intellitrax. The user can define output folder for measurement files.


PDC-SE  Spectral Print Density Control SE Model

PDC-SII is spectral, and probably support I-42 Instrument Inspector Target, but we haven't check it yet.
In practice, it is OEM version of X-Rite Easytrax. 



PDC-LITE II  Scanning Density Control System

PDC-LITE II is density only. ChromaChecker definitely doesn't support this instrument. 




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