Lighting Inspector

Lighting conditions greatly influence how the human visual system interprets color. This Inspector was built for printing industry but can be useful also for e.g. interior design, textile manufacturing, paints and all situations where the lighting conditions are critical. 

ChromaChecker™ Lighting Inspector is a tool which evaluates and compares any lighting environment to itself over time, or to one another. It assesses ISO 3664 (2009) conformance and calculates an E-Factor for each light condition which helps determine which one is most accurate because no two are exactly the same.

To capture data, a spectrophotometer which supports emissive spectral power distribution data is required (The X-Rite i1Pro and the Just GL Optics are two devices that support this capability).

Lighting Inspector verifies if a viewing condition meets ISO 3664 (2009) or other standards. Complete compliance with ISO 3664  for P1 and P2 requires measurement equipment which samples from 300nm-730nm at <5nm increments. The popular i1Pro 2 does not meet these criteria 100% (because it does not measure below 380nm, and it provides 10nm increments that we interpolate to 5nm. But the i1 is the most popular instrument in history, and with our software, can calculate 80%+ accuracy if a light source passes ISO Conformance. If the i1is used and the light source fails, then you know the light source isn’t compliant.

Conformance parameters:

  • Lighting E-Factor™
  • Illuminance (lux)
  • Brightness Uniformity (%)
  • Color Temperature (°K)
  • Chromaticity (u'v' shift)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Special Indices (SI)
  • Metamerism Index (MI)
  • Quality Grade (QG)

and additionally:

  • CQS (NIST Color Quality Scale)
  • CRI2012  (new version of CRI)*
  • MCRI (Memory Color Rendition Index)** (coming soon)
  • IES Rf (a new replacement of CIE Ra) (coming soon)


This tool can be applied to:

  • Press consoles
  • Viewing booth
  • Acceptance rooms
  • Large Format Illuminated walls


How to measure?

With  ChromaChecker™ Capture + X-Rite i1Pr,o this is very simple and fast. We plan to add to the Capture support for additional instruments. Today measurements files from other instruments can be uploaded manually.

To learn more how easy is measure Lighting Condition with  ChromaChecker™ Capture click here


Tool limitations.

  • To measure sources of the light, a specific instrument has to be used. The spectral range and resolution of the instrument can affect accuracy and sometimes results in calculations that can't be performed.
  • Currently,  the software uses 5 nm data for illuminants and observers only.
  • Lighting Inspector measurements can be defined up to 16 decimal places!



Print Inspector integration

Your printing Device may have Lightings associated with the manufacturing process ( e.g. press with a viewing booth on top of the console). In System Overview, listed devices will be marked with bulb icon which is an indicator of such associated Lighting. The color of the icon shows the status of validation.


Lighting validated  Validation out of date Lighting validation fails




* Smet KAG, Schanda J, Whitehead L, Luo RM. CRI2012: A proposal for updating the CIE colour rendering index. Lighting Research and Technology 2013;45(6):689-709. 

** Smet KAG, Ryckaert WR, Pointer MR, Deconinck G, Hanselaer P. A memory colour quality metric for white light sources. Energy and Buildings 2012;49(C):216-225.