Instrument Inspector Targets

ChromaChecker/ LUCIDEON CL-36

ChromaChecker/ LUCIDEON  CL-36 is an enhanced set of BCRA ceramic Standards produced by LUCIDEON (formerly CERAM). 

BCRA Standards are the accepted international color standards for instrument precision.  These standards may be used to calibrate color spectrophotometers or to verify standardization. BCRA set consist of 12 tiles - CL-36 is enhanced to 35 ceramic tiles 12x7 mm + one synthetic OBA patch. 

CL-36 Target is designed for both spot and scan modes. All tiles are aligned in a single row (12 x 254mm).



Physical dimensions of the Target are 350 x 170  x 2.25 mm – they are arranged on a flat surface for easy instrument movement (scan mode tested with i1Pro 2 and eXact Scan).


To scan CL-36 use following list of virtual CMYK references:



APV users can download CL-36  Job Template:

ChromaChecker LUCIDEON CL-36.jobTemplate



List of the ceramic tiles:

  1. Cyan
  2. Zandy
  3. Muritan
  4. Niarie
  5. Fluor ( synthetic / non-ceramic)
  6. Traffnic
  7. Frolick
  8. Aubergine
  9. Groft
  10. Concore
  11. Carcite
  12. Crop
  13. Broga
  14. Aquanos
  15. Limoncello
  16. Blosh
  17. Anine
  18. Carillion
  19. Aquane
  20. Sainted
  21. Lampadas
  22. Falkner
  23. Dhanab
  24. Dove Grey
  25. Solus Esteban
  26. Sloop
  27. Purple Haze
  28. White D
  29. Perez
  30. 80% Blue Grey
  31. Luxury
  32. Murcia
  33. Naraj
  34. 60% Blue Grey
  35. Emerald
  36. Lecram



CL-36 is the high end solution for tracking instrument precision. During measurements, keep ambient temperature 23+/- 1°C,  40-60% RH 

Ambient conditions are critical for ceramic standards due to thermochromism.


For testing purpose, a printed mock-up may be useful. The user can print this target to check if any particular instrument/ software can be used. The thickness of actual Target is 2.25 mm