Create custom Color Palette/ Library

Patch Reader (BabelColor Patch Tool)


BabelColor PatchTool / i1 Pro 2

  1. Launch Patch–Reader feature (Tool menu), select "Unconstrained measurements"

  2. Start measuring the colors that you want in your library, (you will be prompted to calibrate instrument first)

    Each sample was captured in three modes: M0, M1, and M2

  3. At this stage, you can edit the color patch names

  4. Click on "Stop" button when finished, save the measurement file. Today Patch_Reader doesn't directly save Cxf file, but CGATS file format. Save separate files for each measurement conditions.

  5. Open saved files with PatchTool, next export to CxF file format  

  6. Upload CxF files to the ChromaChecker Color Inspector. 

  7. Edit key Color Library parameters

    Final Result: