ChromaChecker™ Cloud



Chromachecker™ provides centralized PROCESS CONTROL for any device, in any location that affects color reproduction.  

One of the biggest failures of Process Control in Color Manufacturing has been determining the LIMITS of the CONTROL. Expectations of a color match by the given customer or brand owner become the defined Control Limits, but most manufacturing companies have not established these limits ahead of time, which results in failed expectations and lack of payment or losing customers.

ChromaChecker has pioneered a process called (Establishing Expectation Factor E-Factor for short) that quantifies the required Expectation of color match for any customer, brand owner or Print Owner. When applied to the manufacturing process, if the output device has an equal to or lower E-Factor than the customer, then we know expectations will be me. E-Factor defines when the devices are in or out of control (Expectations). This process also makes it clear when inappropriate devices are being used to try and control a given workflow beyond their capabilities.

Even the most advanced printing devices are not capable of producing 100% perfect matches, and many variables conspire to interfere with creating matched prints that meet customer expectations, ChromaChecker™ tracks, and reports on all variables to allow you to fix the worst offenders and provide you with the optimum jobs that meet your customer's needs.


Unique ChromaChecker features:

  • The Manufacturing dashboard gives an overall look at the whole system. One view displays all output devices and shows if they pass or fail the required print conformance and their respective E-Factor. The multilevel analysis gives in-depth information if necessary.
  • Instrument Inspector tracks all your Instruments (spectrophotometers) and provides you with information related to the lack of precision for a given process. It also warns you when two different instruments used in the supply chain differ too much in variation to support the desired level of control (E-Factor).
  • Analysis of the production run immediately reports if the print run was run within the customers E-Factor. If so, expectations will be met; if not, ChromaChecker will help operator fix the problem in order to hit the desired E-Factor.
  • ChromaChecker allows an easy way to measure human expectations – Personal E-Factor™ which reflect the person's level of acceptance for color match.
  • Harmonizer technology reduces Inter-Instrument Agreement  and compensates most differences between instrumentation, that increases system accuracy 
  • ChromaCheceker provides documentation for Instrumentation and printing devices to fulfil ISO 9001 requirements and reduce paper documentation
  • Variation Inspector offers a simple way to measure and track the precision of any output device – within a page, within a job, and between job, variations are calculated, to understand if the output device can deliver on the customers desired E-Factor before you print customer jobs.
  • Print Inspector ingests measurement data and offers a variety of spectral, colourimetric and densitometric calculations assessing if the given output devices fall within the defined Color Expectations (E-Factor).
  • Ink GPS and Bullseye display improvements by suggesting primary ink density corrections.
  • Curve Inspector helps fix problems with incorrect Tone Reproduction Curves. 
  • Match ICC function helps to determine the best Printing Reference (aim) that you should target per your actual print conditions.
  • Spot Color Tracker helps when tracking inconsistency in the reproduction of critical colors (brand, corporate, etc) for both spots and process simulated spots.