Print Inspector

Pressroom Dashboard

Provides authorized people to remotely monitor the operational status of multiple printing presses in multiple locations automatically from any iPad with internet access. PressRoom Dashboard displays the last 10 hours of production in the form of a bar graph that shows a number of measurements on the timeline to indicate the make ready vs production, the quality, pass or fail the required assessment, and the frequency of measurements. In a simple, clear graph PressRoom Dashboard provides a ten-hour view of how well your presses have been manufacturing color prints. All in real time.






To activate PressRoom Dashboard, ensure that your measurement instruments (e.g. X-rite Intellitrax, Techkon Spectra Drive, Heidelberg Image Control or other), are set up to automatically upload measurement data directly to the ChromaChecker server. Our dedicated application called DataCollector will copy the data and securely upload to the ChromaChecker cloud.


How to setup Pressroom Dashboard?

  1. Configure “ChromaChecker Ready” measurement instrument/software to automatically export measurement data to ChromaChecker Cloud. See list for latest listing of ChromaChecker ready software. ** Make a link. You can also use ChromaChecker Compatible Software (any software that can automatically export measurement data to a directory, and then using our free DataCollector software, it will copy the data and securely upload to ChromaChecker.
  2. Setup Accountability Inspector Preferences for each printing devices you want to monitor, by identifying the top level managers for each press. Only “Top level managers” have access to PressRoom Dashboard for the presses that they are responsible for.
  3. Connect other Inspectors to the presses in order to receive status information related to current Lighting, Environmental conditions (Humidity and Temperature), NiPs, Fountain Solution, Platesetter, and Instrument precision.