Print Inspector

Printing Devices

Define your Presses and other Printing Devices.

Printing Process

Select one of following:

  1. Sheetfed
  2. Sheetfed offset
  3. Web offset
  4. Dry offset
  5. Grand and Large Format Printing
  6. Flexography
  7. Roto gravure
  8. Digital Press
  9. HP Digital Press 
  10. Silk Screen
  11. Proofer
  12. Other

Proper selection will effect in some features and defaults, which are specific for a different type of devices. Some tools are intended for Offset presses only (e.g. Nip Inspector, Fountain Solution Inspector, Ink Zones), some for Digital/Proofer only (M-Score Tracks).  


Number of printing units, number of ink zones, key size

There are specific tools that require more detailed information. Take time to define all information, that will effect later. You have to add device and edit it later to edit details

Lighting, RH/T Datalogger, Fountain Solution datalogger

You may want to assign measurements like Lighting  (press console), ambient temperature and humidity, fountain solution parameters to a particular printing device. Indicators will  present current status in Print Inspector Dashboard view


If you need to assess shift-to-shift perfomance, You can learn ChromaChecker™ system about shifts in your plant.
Each device can be configured with different shifts amounts and timings.