Test Forms and Audits Procedures

Research Aims

ChromaChecker™ systematically studies to describe the typical features of various technological solutions in the printing industry. As part of our ongoing research program, we collect information about printers. The research is conducted in several parallel segments. The division is based on the printing technology and the prepared test forms are tailored to the specific requirements of each printing technology.

Systematic data collection/ Benchmarking  now includes the following technologies:

  • Contract Proofers 
  • Digital Presses
  • Large Format Printers

General research program principles


Participation in the research program is free, but ChromaChecker may at any time limit a number of samples to be sampled or to temporarily or completely disable the program. Participants in the study agree on the publication of the results - with the guaranteed option of anonymity.


The purpose of the study is:

  • To build an independent, very reliable database of important technical features of equipment directly involved in the reproduction of color in the printing industry.
  • Providing objective consumers, derived from real production of characteristic printing machines
  • Improving research methods and improving methodology, developing functionalities of ChromaChecker tools


General Procedure

  • A company, a printing house, or an institution expressing interest in participating in our research program gets the test forms for its own output devices and then prints them according to a specified pattern.
  • The printouts should be clearly described, packed and returned to the indicated address.
  • Our laboratory will measure and perform the analysis. Reports will be made public, but each participant may reserve anonymity.

Research Analisis and  Reporting

Regardless of the technology in general, the research methodology assumes that, among other things, there are attributes such as:

  • Gamut - that is, the range of colors that given printers are capable of reproducing in the selected substrate and with the specified print parameters.
  • Accuracy - understood as the ability to achieve colorimetric targets designated as targets
  • Precision - that is, the ability of the device to repeat arbitrarily addressed color sampling at different locations of a single sheet, between the output sheets, between sheets of consecutive printed jobs.
  • Visual assessment - advanced measurements are accompanied by a visual assessment - hence our test forms also contain images such as photographs and synthetic structures that support metrological analysis. The developed and improved E-Factor system is designed to combine visual and metrological assessment.