ChromaChecker™ Cloud

Print Inspector / Variation Inspector typical tasks

Offset Press Audit

  • Precision Analysis
  • Accuracy Analysis 
  • Calibration schedules
  • Recommendation for substrates / Color management 


Digital Press Audit

  • Precision Analysis
  • Accuracy Analysis 
  • Calibration quality judgment
  • Recommendation for service intervals


Proofer Audit

  • Searching for optimal density of solid inks
  • ICC profile evaluation
  • System analysis and certification – advanced criteria


LF Printer Audit

  • Precision Analysis
  • Accuracy Analysis
  • Compensation curves quality judgment

LF Printer Substrate / ICC profiles Optimization

  • Reducing amount of required ICC profiles
  • Searching for the best common print condition


Press to press/ shift to shift/ plant to plant quality comparison

  • Search workflow Achilles heel


Enterprise – printing devices tracking system

  • Long-term quality analysis – production monitoring. 


Corporate colors reproduction quality tracking (spot or process built)

  • Analysis of quality of reproduction of the custom colors.