Print Inspector

Getting started: Setting up Tracks

This Video tutorial will guide you through setting up your output device tracks. You will see how fast and effective you can use ChromaChecker Print Inspector to evaluate your printing devices. 

You will learn how easy is to: 

  1. Start with Track creation assistant.
  2. Manually data upload
  3. Create easy-mode reporting with E-Factor Visualizer feature
  4. Compare devices one to another
  5. Read very basic system recommendation 

The real-time video presents time required to get started, upload measurement data and perform a simple analysis. The whole process will take few minutes only.


What do you need to perform that kind of analysis?

To perform device benchmarking you need measurement files that accurately describe how your printing devices reproduce color. 

You can print any popular control strip with all your printing devices but we recommend using ChromaChecker CC-84 control strip that, despite its small size, will provide an incredible amount of information about the printing process.

You can measure using virtually any spectrophotometer - we deliver Job templates for all popular instruments (X-Rite, Techkon, Konica_Minolta, Barbieri...) driven by different software (Alwan APV, APS, basICColor Catch, X-Rite i1Profiler, BabelColor Patch Tool). ChromaChecker supports any software that can export CGATS txt, CxF or any other popular measurement file format that contains spectral data and CMYK references. 


  1. Download ChromaChecker CC-84 (or use any common - e.g. Idealliance 12647-7 Control Strip)
  2. Download job template (corresponding your software - e.g. i1Profiler) (or use existing one)
  3. Print control strip with all your printing devices (you may want to print more copies for averaging)
  4. Measure it with your instrument (e.g. i1Pro)
  5. Save it in one of common file formats  that contain spectral data (SVF, XML, TXT,  IT8, CxF)
  6. Follow Dave's instructions how to manually upload files (watch the video and do similar steps).

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