Substrate Inspector

How to measure substrate?

Our ChromaChecker Substrate Inspector procedure easily captures all M0, M1 and M2 measurements on both white and black backing. With this detail, Substrate Inspector enables detailed analysis of substrates, allows for easy comparisons, and best match capabilities, and provides a variety of critical parameters. With the i1Pro 2 driven with i1 Profiler software, these measurements take less than 30 seconds to perform (per substrate), and an additional minute to fill the form and upload to the server.


How to capture data for ChromaChecker™ Substrate Library:

  • We strongly recommend capturing data for the library using: X-Rite  i1Pro 2 with i1 Profiler software (free demo mode works for this task). 
  • Each substrate has to be measured on white and black backing twice. Proper backing should be consistent with the requirements of standards. (ISO 13655 and ISO 5-4 standards)
  • We recommend using: ChromaChecker™  Substrate Backer, available to order on-line.


Preparing steps:

  1. Prepare a small sample  (e.g. 4x4 inch) of all substrates to be entered to ChromaChecker Substrate Library. Be sure that the sample is representative for the stock, and is free of dust and scratches.
  2. Collect and write down all information about substrate: name, manufacturer, weight, order number...
  3. Download and unzip ChromaChecker Workflow file and save into i1Profiler application folder:   

       / Application Support / X-Rite / i1Profiler/ ColorSpaceCMYK / MeasureReferenceWorkflows

      Click to download ChromaChecker_Substr_LIb_2+2.rwxf  


Capturing Data:

1. Connect X-Rite i1Pro 2  to your computer, next launch X-Rite i1Profiler in advanced mode

2. In Assets (column on the left side) open Saved Workflows. A ChromaChecker_Substr_LIb_2+2.rwxf should appear on the list if you moved the downloaded ChromaChecker_Substr_LIb_2+2.rwxf and put it in the correct directory:    

/ Application Support / X-Rite / i1Profiler/ ColorSpaceCMYK / MeasureReferenceWorkflows

If not, Select the "Load Workflow" button on lower right side of screen and choose the file called: ChromaChecker_Substr_LIb_2+2.rwxf from the location on your computer where you downloaded it

3. Double click it. The window should change to:

4. Place i1Profiler on a calibration plate, next press "Calibrate" button. Be sure that calibration tile is free of dust. 

5. Place sample on white backing and make first two measurements.

Caution: For all measurements always use i1Pro 2 dedicated spot color positioning target.

6. Change backing to black and make next two readings.

7. Save .CxF or .rmxf file (containing all M0, M1 and M2 data) to your hard drive. Name the file with substrate name and weight to improve organization of the captured data:


8. Upload CxF file to ChromaChecker Library - fill all fields in the form.

9. To measure next sample double-click on: ChromaChecker_Substr_LIb_2+2.rwxf   


If you find hard to locate a folder: "MeasureReferenceWorkflows" a right-click on Saved Workflow display pop-up menu that helps to find it (Show in Finder for Mac version):