Substrate Inspector

Proofing paper for production substrate

1. Measure substrate you are looking best match for, and upload data to Substrate Library

2. Go to: "My substrates" and find it on the list

The one before last column of the table enables to enter Find Tool preferences setup:


3. By clicking preset on the bottom of the  window, settings dedicated for proofing paper will be set:

Finally results are presented as an  Easy Mode table:

The best match result is: Epson Standard Proofing Paper 205


An Expert Mode for every substrate can be entered to learn more about  all known differences:



In this case substrate scanned for find the  Best Match was  3 years old proof, made on Epson Proofing Paper - that why differences are very small.

In the same way any production substrate can be used to find The Best Match for proofing purpose - but we can expect visible higher deviations, especially caused by OBAs influence.