Software for an automatic SOAP data transmitting. To learn more read manual.


ChromaChecker™ DataCollector

Current Revision:

• Version 1.50 beta

New features:

  • The user now can lock GUI to protect setting from accidental changes.
  • Self-extracting installer 
  • When closing Program a pop-up message will inform about this.

DataCollector 1.50 beta.exe



 Previous Revisions:

• Version 1.47 beta 

DataCollector Installer 1.47beta.rar 

• Version 1.46 beta

New features:

The software configuration file: settings.txt can be used for restore feature. The file is created in the program folder (to modify settings admin privileges are required).

DataCollector Installer 1.46beta.rar 



• Version 1.45 beta


Problem with function: "Clear Log"  fixed

DataCollector Install/Installer v1.45 beta.rar


• Version 1.44 beta

New features:

  • Supported both Print Inspector and Instrument Inspector
  • Auto-recognition feature
  • User may specify either full file name or extension ( e.g. .txt) (use format .ext - include dot). Do not use both at the same time

Known issues :

  • Missing backup/ restore feature
  • Missing input filter (user can enter wrong parameters)
  • Some Windows distribution ( Home Edition) may not work correctly - try turning on compatibility mode.

ChromaChecker™ Data Collector (1.44 beta)