Measurement - How to?

ChromaChecker Capture

 If your instrument is supported it is strongly recommended to use ChromaChecker software to capture measurements. Today covered instruments:

  • X-Rite i1Pro / i1Pro 2 Family
  • X-Rite iSis Family
  • X-Rite iO Family 
  • X-Rite eXact/eXact Scan
  • Techkon SpectroDens (Mac only)

Go to CC Capture Manual to learn more




3rd part Software

A variety of the 3rd party software can be used for measuring and uploading data for ChromaChecker™

These groups support the uploading through an automated process:

ChromaChecker Ready- Software has implemented our API, and uploads via SOAP protocol, very fast and secure

ChromaChecker Compatible- Software has FTP Export that allows automatic connectivity to ChromaChecker account eliminating manually uploading files

ChromaChecker Uploader Compatible- Software that can automatically export a color file to disk can work with DataCollector to automatically upload data to your ChromaChecker account.

Compatible- Software that can save a compatible file format which can then be manually uploaded to ChromaChecker.


The software listed in the first three categories can be configured to automatically upload to ChromaChecker: 

ChromaChecker™ Ready Software 

In this group, we have 3rd party software that already has implemented a hi-speed connection to ChromaChecker Cloud. A SOAP protocol enables efficient two-way communication directly with ChromaChecker database. This is the most advanced integration that is seamless for the user and enables very fast reporting.
The software requires user's SOAP password to get the most current information about tracks and other settings and can pipeline data to correct tracks.


  • ChromaChecker™ Capture


    Designed to be the most simple, easy to use program for operators working with proofers, digital presses, and large/grand format devices. Free Mac or Windows Application with direct instrument support which is configured from customers ChromaChecker cloud account, and provides device access based on accountability inspector to any operators. Files are automatically uploaded via SOAP protocol making it very security/IT friendly. 

 Instruments: X-Rite: eXact /  i1 Pro ver.1, 2  /  i1iO ver.1, 2  / iSis  ver.1, 2 
 Instruments from Techkon: SpectroDens- Mac



  • ChromaChecker™ Uploader


    Free Mac or Windows Application with File grabbing/ renaming utility and SOAP protocol built-in to efficient upload files from local hot folders to selected tracks.
    This software has no direct Instrument support, but is designed to work with any software that can automatically export measurement data which then is uploaded to the ChromaChecker Cloud.


  • basICColor Catch 5


Instruments: X-Rite:  i1 Pro ver.1, 2  /  i1iO ver.1, 2  / iSis  ver.1, 2 
Instruments from Konica Minolta: FD-5, FD-7, FD-9
Instruments from Barbieri: LFP
Instruments from Techkon: SpectroDens, SpectroJet

Templates for printInspector, Instrument Inspector, Substrate Inspector and Lighting Inspector

  • Print Measure


    PrintMeasure is a scanning spectrophotometer driving software designed from the press operators’ perspective to enhance productivity, stability and accuracy of a lithographic offset press. The user interface is extremely simple and straight forward. Flexible connectivity allows seamless integration with close-loop inking systems. Built in SOAP protocol to upload measurements to ChromaChecker automatically.


    - X-Rite Intellitrax, Intellitrax 2
    - Techkon SprectroDrive, SpectroDrive Next Generation

  • Babelcolor Patch Tool 


    PatchTool is designed to import, view, edit, measure, compare, average, join, convert, and export color lists in a color-managed environment. It is a very comprehensive utility (similar to the old MeasureTool from ProfileMaker) but very inexpensive and very easy to use.


  • Instruments: X-Rite i1Pro ver. 1 & 2


    • Rutherford Graphic Systems


      Instruments: X-Rite: eXact /  X-Rite IntelliTrax / X-Rite EasyTrax  


      • Software that works with automated measurement devices to measure color bar and feed the results into the press ink keys to adjust how the press is printing across the width of the sheet. The spectral data is automatically uploaded to the desired track through a secure SOAP protocol. 


ChromaChecker™ Compatible Software:

3rd party software products that have support for automatic data uploading using an FTP connection protocol, and support for auto-track recognition technology, measurements will be uploaded to correct tracks 

   FTP  SOAP  

Alwan Print Verifier X       


basICColor Catch


Rutherford Graphic Systems





  • Alwan Print Verifier (APV) / Alwan Print Standardizer (APS)


    Instruments from X-Rite: eXact, eXact Scan,  i1 Pro ver.1, 2  / iSis  ver.1, 2 (limited), Intellitrax
    Instruments from Techkon: SpectroDens (patch measurement only), SpectroJet (except Basic edition) 

    Instruments from Barbieri: SpectroPad Series 1 & 2

    The big advantage of APV / APS is the advanced support for metadata - templates provide an efficient way to support auto recognition. Preferred file format XML, which can handle additional meta data. 
    Alwan software is very good for everyday production - properly configured is fast and easy to use. 

  • Rutherford Graphic Systems


    Instruments: X-Rite: eXact /  X-Rite IntelliTrax / X-Rite EasyTrax 

    Software that works with automated measurement devices to measure color bar and forward the measurement data into the press ink keys to adjust how the press is printing across the width of the sheet. The spectral data is automatically uploaded to the desired track through a secure SOAP protocol. 



ChromaChecker Uploader Compatible S/W


Heidelberg Image Control            


X-Rite IntelliTrax


X-Rite EasyTrax


Digital Information Ink Zone Move


Press Sign


QuadTech SpectralCam




EFI Fiery XF


Techkon Expresso


KBA software






Measure Color





  • Heidelberg Image Control with Heidelberg Quality Monitor


    ChromaChecker can interpret IC measurement files, but the Heidelberg software only supports Heidelberg control strips. No support for custom targets (like ChromaChecker Instrument Inspector targets). To use Instrument Inspector with IC there is a need to use specially dedicated solution - please contact us for details.


  • X-Rite IntelliTrax Software- Ink Key


    Instrument: X-Rite Intellitrax 1, 2
    ChromaChecker™ can interpret Intellitrax SVF measurement files. Used in conjunction with DataCollector, SVF files can be automatically imported to ChromaChecker for every measurement

  • X-Rite Easy Trax Software


    Instrument: X-Rite EasyTrax

  • Digital Information InkZone Move


    Instruments: All instruments that Digital Information supports

  • Bodoni PressSign


    Instruments: All instruments that PressSign support

    We support PressSign XML file format

  • QuadTech SpectralCAM


    Instruments: SpectroCAM, and D Camera

    Quadtech software for capturing measurement data from Quadtech instruments.


    Instruments: AVT/GMI Spectrophotometers

  • EFI Fiery XF


    Instruments: There are a lot of instruments supported by EFI (contact EFI for current list) including the EPSON SpectroProofer

    ChromaChecker can interpret EFI .IT8 measurement files, and EFI exports these files automatically and ChromaChecker DataCollector can automatically upload to cloud. Today EFI doesn't support non-EFI control strips/ test form/ targets (like ChromaChecker  Instrument Inspector Targets). To use Instrument Inspector with EFI Fiery XF there is a need to use specially dedicated solution - please contact us for details.


  • Techkon Expresso


    Instruments from Techkon: SpectoJet, SpectroDrive

  • KBA Press Software


    Instruments: KBA Instruments sold since 2013

  • GMG 


    Instruments: Any instrument that GMG software supports.



    Instruments: Any instrument that ORIS CGS software supports.

  • Measure Color


    Instruments: Any instrument that MeasureColor Supports

  • SpotOn


    Instruments: Any instrument that SpotOn supports


Supported Software

(requires some manual operation like naming and saving files):


X-Rite i1 Publish (demo mode)          


X-Rite Color Port 2.0.5


X-Rite eXact Manager


Barbieri Gateway


Techkon Connect


Konica-Minolta Utility



  • X-Rite i1 Publish 


    X-Rite Instruments only:  i1 Pro ver.1, 2  /  i1iO ver.1, 2  / iSis  ver.1, 2 

    This software in free demo version can be successfully used for all listed instruments. Using it the user can be sure that it is based on the last SDK (same vendor as Instruments). XRGA compatibility.  

  • X-Rite Color Port 2.0.5


    X-Rite Instruments only: i1 Pro ver.1  /  i1iO ver.1  / iSis  ver.1, 530, DTP-70, SpectroScan, SpectroEye, and others older.

    This software enables to drive older X-Rite instruments but is not recommended today. You may export to CGATS file format. Remember to apply XRGA compatibility.

  • Barbieri Gateway


    Barbieri Instruments only: Spectro LFP, SpectroPad

    This software can export CGATS files that ChromaChecker supports. B-42 is a Target especially designed to support Barbieri Gateway in autopositioning mode.

  • Measure Tool

    Instruments: i1Pro, Isis1, Spectrolino/Scan

    ChromaChecker™ can interpret Measure Tool SVF measurement files. 


  • Techkon Connect

    Instruments: All Techkon instruments

  •  X-rite eXact Manager

    Instruments: X-Rite eXact

  • Konica Minolta Utility


    Instruments: FD-9, FD-7, FD-5

All supported Software can be configured (by hot-folders) to automatically upload data to ChromaChecker™ Cloud with our ChromaChecker Uploader Software.  But typically it requires some operator intervention (i.e. naming and saving measurements)