CC Capture

Techkon SpectroDens (Premium or Advanced only)


Modes: Spot, Scan (2nd and 3rd generation)

M-Condition supported: M0, M1, M2, M3

Inspectors: Print Inspector, Instrument Inspector, soon: Color Inspector, Substrate Inspector


Features / unique benefits:

  1. Any Start/ End in a scan mode — The user may start from the first patch or before first, and on the last or on after the last patch.
  2. Any Scanning direction in a scan mode — no matter which direction the Operator prefer - any time any row scanning direction doesn’t have an influence on readings
  3. Bar-code support for Scanning Template selection and Job Description.
  4. Multi M-condition measurements in Spot mode - Single click on the measure button will execute a series of readings. This feature is very useful for :
    • creating Color Libraries/Pallets that creates universal color sample definition

    • substrate measurements where OBA indication require multi M-condition evaluation




  1. Track your instrument with Instrument Inspector Target frequently.
  2. ChromaChecker Backer is strongly recommended - Errors caused by improper backing might be more than ∆E00=2 (Standard Proofing Paper)
  3. Calibration Standard (ceramic plaque), as well as optical path, have to be cleaned.
  4. Keep your instrument on its base - that will charge it 
  5. Be sure that environmental conditions (RHT) are in the recommended range
  6. When scanning is sure that the instrument is ready for next step. The beep of the instrument tells that previous measurement is done, but the instrument will be ready  for nest measurement when the display will show grey patches without any numbers: