CC University

ChromaChecker University is designed for organizations who are implementing Color Conformance as part of a Print Manufacturing initiative. It answers the question:

“How do I transform an organization from a break-fix mentality to one that is proactive”?

ChromaChecker University directly addresses Color Conformance and Print Manufacturing provides an organization with skills targeted at productivity, profitability, and growth for the organization and individual.

The ChromaChecker University addresses training needs for all levels in the organization including operators, color experts, and management.  ChromaChecker University is designed with the success of the individual in mind. Our goal is to provide tailored course work to motivate adult learners and provides knowledge is so necessary to have a  Color Conformance and Print Manufacturing environment.



Centralized Cloud-Based training in combination with the ChromaChecker Color Conformance Platform providing a unique learning environment that combines educational methodology and job responsibilities at the point of when the learning is most critical.

This is unmatched in the industry and offers the most efficient and responsive training program aligned with the goals of the organization.

This is highlighted in the diagram below which illustrates the “Start” of the learning experience. This is placed at the location where the user lives in ChromaChecker. Couples with the targeted learning material, staff can quickly learn at the point when productivity will most benefit.


Course Curriculum

ChromaChecker curriculum is the knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn as they progress through the ChromaChecker University. This is a guide for course descriptions, audience, prerequisites, requirements, duration, objectives, assignments and forms of measurement.

This course material becomes the responsibility of the coach to ensure it is current for the audience and uses all the methods available within the system. Course material will take on the form of slide presentations, video’s, and pdf documents



ChromaChecker University Introduction

Your color resource for learning and certification. Our courses guide you through Color Conformance and Print Manufacturing principles and best practices using the ChromaChecker platform - – along with the fundamentals of Color Conformance as part of a Print Manufacturing process.

We know that using a mix of strategies to engage learners is essential to address differences in learning styles and to transform information into understanding. Our courses are designed for ChromaChecker Color Champions (administrators) and Operators throughout the Print Production process. We know their work is vital to an organization’s success. ChromaChecker University enables the talents within an organization to be quality conscious and productive.