Video Tutorials

Video Overviews

  • We have produced ChromaChecker videos to help you understand how you implement ChromaChecker within a company of any size, ChromaChecker is extremely flexible in how it can be scaled and rolled out across multiple departments or multiple facilities based on your available expertise in your organization.
  • We have also produced Video Tutorials that provide a step by step "How To" for virtually all of ChromaChecker Inspectors so you can follow these steps and learn everything necessary to implement your devices into ChromaChecker ECO System. The Video Tutorials build on themselves so you can see how the more you use ChromaChecker, the more valuable the information becomes since it cross references all the variables helping you to understand the influence of each variable.
  • ChromaChecker Introduction, Overview
  • Learn what Color Conformance means in terms of eliminating waste and increasing profitability.
  • Learn how ChromaChecker allows you to provide a Shared Visual appearance between all output devices, no matter the print technology and substrate.
  • We have created Video Tutorials for every ChromaChecker Inspector to help you learn how to use, and import your data, and interpret the results. 

Overall Positioning of ChromaChecker:

  • ChromaChecker Introduction- What is a Color Conformance Platform

  • ChromaChecker Part 1- Planning to implement ChromaChecker for a Large Enterprise

  • ChromaChecker Part 2- How to easily upload measurement data to ChromaChecker 

  • ChromaChecker Part 3- Overview of ChromaChecker Reporting options for different managers

  • ChromaChecker Part 4- Add and integrate additional Inspectors to complement your Conformance System


  • Configuring events to see cause and effect relationships


Video Tutorials- How To's: 

Session 1

Getting Started with ChromaChecker Print Inspector

These video tutorials build upon one another to demonstrate how fast and easy a user can build out their Color Conformance System to assess, track and correct how output devices manufacture color.

  • Using Print Inspector Assistant to configure the output devices that you will assess and track

Setting up Print Inspector, uploading data, quickly interpret the results

  • Create Account
  • Create Output devices
  • Import data- Single file import and review how automated uploading can be (discuss all file formats and any color bar)
  • Evaluate the data- What does G7 Gray mean, what does E-Factor (EF) mean; Process control assessment criteria (ISO12647-2 or -7 and G7 Color Space)
  • Compare the printers to one another- quantify how different the devices are compared to each other.

Session 2a (Digital Press) and 2b (Press)

Exploring the data in more depth, what does it mean?

Part 2a. Exploring data from a Digital press

  • Show the Digital press details- recommendations for changing solids, TVI G7 Columns for accuracy
  • Precision vs Accuracy
    • Precision- Duplicate patches within a target or group will automatically be compared in delta E to one another, also groups of measurements over any time period can be compared to calculate the differences to determine consistency.
    • Accuracy- How close the measurement is to the target reference condition (i.e. GRACoL).
  • Import the VI816 data to show within page variation

Part 2b. Exploring data from an Offset press

  • Go to Press data, show the column for within page uniformity and accuracy
  • Show Ink keys
  • Explain perifarbe reference other training
  • Reference Operator Interface


Session 3 - Automating

Uploads for measurement files 

Configuring ChromaChecker Uploader

  • Automating the input of data
  • Step by step configuration of software.


Session 4 - Automated Uploads using free, basic Capture utility

ChromaChecker Capture Configuration

  • Setting up Capture on the Cloud
  • Setting up Capture App preferences
  • Using Capture in Production

Session 5 - Track and Assess Substrates

Introduce Substrate Inspector - Track substrate color as part of production printing

  • Go into Substrate inspector
  • Measure Press Paper baseline,
  • Apply to Track, Import data- show how substrate is tracked independent of press measurements


Best Match Substrate function to find closer 

  • Go into Substrate inspector and find a closer proofing paper to press paper for the closer match!
  • Find closest match and re profile proofer to match press
  • Recalculate difference to press

Session 6 - Track and Assess Instrumentation

Overview of Instrument Inspector


Part 1. Measure Instrument Inspector Target multiple times using the i1Profiler free software 

  • Save at least 20 measurements
  • Configure Instrument
  • Import data,

Part 2. Measure Instrument Inspector Target multiple times with Alwan Print Verifier

  • Compare Instruments to help people understand precision and accuracy and
  • affect on workflow
  • Compare Compensate

Part 3. Apply instrument  data to workflow track


Session 7 - Track and Assess Temperature and Humidity

Instructions for Configuring Data Loggers bought before March 2018:

Configuring Data Logger

  • Uploading temp and humidity to CC cloud
  • Need to know before you begin - local Wifi and PW
  • Follow wizard


Session 8 - Track and Assess Lighting

Introduce Lighting Inspector


Tutorial- Use free i1Profiler to assess Lighting

  • Measure Light with i1 and I1 Profiler
  • Make new light source using wizard
  • Import data
  • Interpret data
  • Make ISO Audit
  • Apply light source to track
  • Compare Light booths


Session 9- Provide Operators and Managers with Real-Time Performance Reports

Introduce Report/Operator Interface

  • Explain the purpose
  • Configure Accountability Inspector
  • Add Operator- assign to press
  • Enter Operator Interface


Session 10- Recording Events to associate maintenance with color results

Recording Events

Link - 

  • Printer maintenance with ChromaChecker Events Manager
  • Define Events for different devices
  • Show how to record Event within Admin interface
  • Show how to record event within Operator interface
  • Search on events- realize if the event helped or hurt your process



Session 11- G7® Curve Creation

G7 Curve Inspector

  • Upload existing Plate curve
  • Upload measurement data
  • Show how CC parses the data
  • Create the Curve
  • Download the curve

G7 Curve Creation from measured data in track

Link - TBP

  • Take uploaded measurement data, create group and generate G7 curves


Session 12 - Spot Color Libraries 

Color Inspector

Part 1. Color Inspector - Getting started

Link- TBP

  • Purpose- Import Libraries, Palettes
  • Upload Color library via cxf files
  • reviewing the details of Color Inspector

Part 2. Creative use of Color Libraries to determine tolerances and in/out gamut files

Link- TBP

  • Color Variator
  • Lighting Influence of Color libraries
  • Exporting libraries to Adobe

Part 3. Using Color Inspector in production for prediction of output results

Link - 12_FanbookTutorial

Setting Rules in Print Inspector to reference library value or file value


Session 13 - Group Print Conditions into Appropriate Groups


Utilities: Helpful Apps

  • Delta E Calculator

Link - 

  • E-Factor DO OVER

Link - 

  • Image Exercise

Link - 22_ImageExercise3

  • Spot Color exercise

Link - 23_SpotColorExercise

  • SCCA Calculator

Link - 24_SCCA Calculator Part1 and 2

  • Fanbook Tutorial for digital color matching


Offset Press Sessions

  • Press measurement data in more detail

  • Operator Interface Configuration


  • Recording Events


  • Fountain Solution

  •  Nip Inspector- Need dashboard to show green red, yellow


  • Plate Inspector - need script


Press Operator Videos

  • Operator Report Interface Overview

  • Press Operator Overview of report interface

  • Press Operator- Uniformity 

  • Press Operator- Best Match Density



Digital Press Sessions

  • Print Inspector Overview
  • More in-depth detail of digital press data
  • Print Condition Qualifier


Brand Companies

  • XX E-Factor Overview
  • Image Color Exercise
  • Spot Color Exercise
  • SCCA Calculator
  • Color Inspector
  • Instrument Inspector
  • Light Booth overview

Demo Data: (TBD)

  • Multiple VI816
  • CC64
  • TC1617
  • Instrument Inspector CGATs
  • LxF -lighting
  • Substrate measurements