Lighting Inspector

Tips on Press Consoles and Viewing Booths

Viewing Booth

Soft proofing requires D50 Viewing Booth to get the an excellent screen to printed sheet/ proof match.

Take into account some basic rules:

  • According to ISO 3664 the ambient light for evaluating a soft proofing shall be in the range 32- 64 Lux.
  • ISO 12646 defines 1/4 to 1/8 of the display’s luminance for the ambient lighting.

Display calibration recommendations:

  • White point: 5600 K - 6000 K (make actual measurement of your display to get best value)
  • Luminance 120 cd/m2, viewing booth  120 x Pi [ 3,14]  = 377 Lux up to
    Luminance 160 cd/m2, viewing booth  160 x Pi [ 3,14]  = 502 Lux
  • Gradation: Gamma 1.8 or L*
  • Chromatic adaptation (apply a chromatic adaption like Bradford or if available CAT02 /  CIEAM02)



How to improve Press Console's Lighting?

Typical issue

Strong ambient light contaminates Lighting on the press console.
Additionally, colored walls, plywood boards or other non-neutral colors can ruin viewing conditions.

The perception of a color highly depends on the surrounding colors and the lighting conditions.
Even perfect tubes in the lamp will fail ISO 3664 conformance audit.

The First Step - isolate console with neutral walls

Neutral light gray matte PVC (a* and b* values should be close to zero) is cheap and easy to apply material for this purpose. 


The Second step - reduce wall saturation and brightness of the ambient light

Repaint the walls in the pressroom - keep them neutral.
ISO 3664 require 2000 +/- 250 lux (500) on the press console only! Save energy, reduce ambient brightness especially if it is different from D50. 


Consult following ISO standards: 

  • ISO 3664 (ViewingConditions),
  • ISO 12646 (Proofing Displays and Viewing Conditions) 
  • ISO 12647 (Graphic Technology)