Supported Instruments

Virtual Instrument 

 If your Instrument is not listed here, and you want to test is select Virtual Instrument on the list and try to upload measurement data. When preparing a measurement file for shipping, make sure that the CMYK reference list is exactly as specified for each target. Note that the values are to be specified for the second decimal point, and must match the 8-bit addressing.

It is best to ensure that the file format is compatible with one of the following: 


Supported File Formats

There is a variety of files supported by Chromachecker.

  • CGATS (*.txt *.it8)
  • SVF (.svf)
  • XML (ISO 28178) (.xml)
  • CxF (Multiple versions)
  • GMG 

To check if we support particular one try to upload it to print Inspector track or (if patch list compliant) to Instrument / Target pair in Instrument Inspector. Our 30-days trial period is designed for such situations. If not send us your file with additional information about used software/ instrument. 



For some older instruments learn how devices like X-Rite 530 are currently supported.

See also how to use Virtual Colorimeter here