CC Capture

What is Capture? Why you need it?

ChromaChecker Capture is local host application dedicated for the Operators that provides an easy way to make various types of measurements.

The application creates a link with ChromaChecker Cloud and takes control over the Instrument. Data are automatically uploaded to the server and Quick Report is returned to give the Operator basic guidelines. The whole process takes seconds.

We have developed the set of unique solutions makes whole measurement process fast and efficient. Depending on Instrument, Capture offers a various set of revolution features.
Go to a specific instrument’s chapter to learn more.

Capture offers flexibility in automatization. The barcode reader or dedicated iPhone app gives error-free operational. The user may use the barcode to:

• login (fast religion for workstation operated by various operators) • select measurement task (control strip, device, track)
• make a description (Job name, Customer...)

Instruments with barcode reader build-in can auto-recognize printouts coming from various printing devices and upload data for further analysis
Instruments limitations known from other applications are extended radically.

The local copy of Capture App is controlled by Capture Inspector - part of ChromaChecker Cloud.