CC Capture

What is Capture? Why you need it?

ChromaChecker Capture is local host application dedicated to the Operators that provides an easy way to make various types of measurements.

The application creates a link with ChromaChecker Cloud and takes control over the Instrument. Data are automatically uploaded to the server, and Quick Report is returned to give the Operator basic guidelines. The whole process takes seconds.

We have developed the set of unique solutions makes whole measurement process fast and efficient. Depending on Instrument, Capture offers a various set of revolution features.
Go to a specific instrument’s chapter to learn more.


Capture offers flexibility in automatization.

External QR/ barcode reader and ID card reader app gives error-free operational. 

Ask for ChromaChecker CC-2D barcode Reader - our dedicated low-cost high-quality reader that offers seamless operation with CC Capture. Full Plug&Play for both Windows PC and Macs.

The user may use them to:

  • login / authenticate  (ID cards, QR codes, barcodes)
  • select measurement task (control strip, device, track) (QR codes, barcodes)
  • make an entry for fields: Job name, Customer (QR codes, barcodes)

Instruments with barcode reader build-in can auto-recognize printouts coming from various printing devices and upload data for further analysis
Instruments limitations known from other applications are extended radically.

The local copy of Capture App is controlled by Capture Inspector - part of ChromaChecker Cloud.


No other solution can offer that kind of efficiency and flexibility on the market today: 

  • Tailored for every operator - list of task based on operator's accountability
  • Switch operator with RFID card in one second
  • Select the scan task automatically by entering the QR code
  • Built-in intelligence - scan in any direction, start on the first patch or before it, end on the last and stop whiteite after last one.
  • Built-in helper that will guide operator trough routine procedures ( like daily checking for clogged nozzles)
  • Trouble-shooting that translates reports to human language - operator get a simple solution
    Specific instrument-related features that extend the functionality in the way that no other solution does

Inspector supported by CC Capture:

  • Print Inspector 
  • Instrument Inspector
  • Lighting Inspector
  • Plate Inspector
    and coming soon:
  • Substrate Inspector
  • Color Inspector


Capture can do what no other application can:

A. Print Inspector unique features:

1. Control strips can combine various types of patches 
  • CMYK or ECG ( multichannel ICC profile) 
  • RGB
  • Lab
  • Substrate 
  • Patch placeholders
  • Spot colors from any color library or pallet 
  • Special purpose patches ( including slur/doubling, dud, and others)

Various types may be mixed in a single strip or multipage chart - depending on your needs

2. Pre-production guidelines/technology depended are implemented to help the operator avoid issues

3. Simple reporting that may additionally guide the operator on how to resolve a potential issue

4. A lot of Instrument specific features like an on-screen report for X-Rite eXact,  Virtual Control Strip for iO table, Extended scanning area (requires CC 11x17" backer) for i1iO and much more. To learn more consult manual dedicated to your Instrument

5. Event manager helps to collect all reported by the operator supplementary information that has a critical influence of the production process. 


B. Instrument Inspector

With Capture creating Instrument baseline and periodical verification is very simple. A very complex task, when data are collected for multiple measurement conditions now is fast and easy now. For some instrument s like X-Rite iO table, it is one click operation especially when the user takes benefit from pre-defined positioning feature.


C. Lighting Inspector

Periodically lighting verification takes about a minute including instrument calibration, while full ISO-3664 audit for lighting booth or press console takes few minutes or so. Using our state-of-art ChromaLite Spectrometer you will get high accuracy report.  If no ChromaLite you may perform limited ISO-3664 examination using i1Pro (an original, dedicated  i1 diffuser is required)


D. Plate Inspector

No other software makes it so simple for the operator to track your plate production. Based on one of the two most popular plate measurement devices:

  • X-Rite iCPlate 2
  • Techkon SpectroPlate

The operator may verify random plate in time less than one minute or make a full audit, linearization in a few minutes. 

Capture can switch measurement parameters according to predefined settings, detects potential issues and track visual density to monitor the plate production process (X-Rite ICPlate only).

Users who expect high precision may use audit measurements to linearise setter.