ChromaChecker™ RHT Cloud DataLogger

RHT DataLogger and Security

Most Companies require a high level of security protection. Using an open wi-fi system is forbidden due to company policy.
Some devices like RHT Dataloggers and iPads (used for press operator app) require a wireless connection to the network in order to communicate with ChromaChecker™ Cloud. That communication may be perceived as dangerous if established in an unsafe way.


Steps to make Wi-Fi RHT Data Logger and iPad Operator interface connection safer:

  1. Hide Network Name (Access Point SSID) — regular user will not see Access Point listed
  2. Turn DHCP on your Access Point off - use manual network settings
  3. Protect network by entering White List of Mac Addresses — only listed devices (Data Logger and or designated iPads will have access to wi-fi
  4. Leave open port 80 (soap), and port 8888 (UDP) only, block all other ports. Limited number of ports will work.
    1. Block access to all domains with exception of domains listed below:
          General communication:
      (for iPad app)
    (SOAP Protocol — data transmission)
          time servers:
  5. Block access to the DataLogger web Interface (enter Global Password in the Security tab)
  6. Change DataLogger password 


If there is no way to use Wi-Fi network; order the new ChromaChecker™ Multi DataLogger which is equipped with Ethernet RJ-45 socket for wired connection.