ChromaChecker’s 5-Step Color Conformance Process

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Would You Return to a Restaurant
After a Bad Meal? 

Let us show you how Industry Leaders uses the ChromaChecker 5-Step Color Quality Control Process to retain customers for the first run and every run.

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Defining Production Standard 

Without Standards, There Are
No Problems 

Running to daily Production Standards eliminates gaps between operators and departments and delivers consistent results that eliminate waste. Well-documented internal standards help identify problems before the ink is transferred to paper.

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Benchmarking Printing Devices 

Is Color Accuracy Across Printing Platforms Even Possible? 

Understanding what is normal for every printer is critical to be able to control it and manage it to a common reference that all other printing devices can achieve which provides end-to-end color accuracy.

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Determining Correct Adjustments 

Stop Playing the Finger-Pointing Game 

Quickly identify an issue’s root cause and correct the problem without drama. Know if the adjustment required is a new G7 curve, or an ICC Profile, in either case, ChromaChecker can generate it to be applied in any workflow.

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Tracking Printing Devices 

Predictive vs. Reactive Maintenance Saves Big – But How do You Get There? 

Learn how to predict, identify, and correct issues before they become an emergency, and cause hundreds of dollars in waste. Secondary variables will affect the printing process, know that is happening with all secondary variables using ChromaChecker.

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How to integrate New Printing Devices

How Do You Integrate New Devices While Ensuring Quality? 

We show you how to apply your existing standards to new equipment and help you determine if the printing devices and be aligned with your existing devices, and if so, how to quickly get it into your production workflow.

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Bonus Sessions 

What is the Fifth Color
in 4-color Printing? 

Paper is the fifth color and finding a substitute paper or substrate that will work with your existing Curves and Profiles is a nightmare. ChromaChecker shows you how to resolve this using the five-step process.

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Make G7 work for you instead
of working for G7 

Digital Room saved $150,000 in the first year by maximizing the value, efficiency, and ROI of G7. Find out how.

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Holding digital press
vendors accountable 

You need a vendor-neutral arbiter of truth in color quality and device performance.

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How do successful print managers
ensure quality? 

Learn how companies like LOB, 4Over, Moo, and Vistaprint use ChromaChecker to effectively manage internal and outsourced print and production processes.

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The fallacy of subjective
scorecard systems 

We show you how ChromaChecker and E-FACTOR use actual, objective data to help you manage the performance of all presses and variables all day every day.

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