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I became a G7 Expert in 2006 as one of the first groups ever certified. I began using Chromix Curve1 the day it was released and continued using it through Curve4 to build G7 Curves. I also needed to use SpotOn! Press in order to speed up the process of creating curves on press in a live pressroom environment.

These two applications served their purpose until I was introduced to Chromachecker in the year 2020. Once I began using Chromachecker to create G7 Curves, I realized I could use their CC84 3 Row Control Strip to generate the curves which is MUCH quicker than measuring a P2P chart in Chromix. In addition, the end results were noticeably better. And to the icing on the cake is that the tools in Chromachecker are just far superior to Curve4 and allow you to quickly and easily dial into super tight color accuracy. And that's just the tip of the iceberg with Chromachecker.

I have not used Curve4 or SpotOn! since I began using Chromachecker. One web-based application does it all.



Bill Owen






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