Color Manufacturing



ChromaChecker – 5 steps to Color Conformance
for Color Manufacturing

1.  Standard

2.  Benchmark

3.  Adjust

4.  Track 

5.  Integrate

  • Determine Company’s Color Production Standard based on visual results quantified as numeric values to hold manufacturing accountable to expectations.
  • Numeric value for process color production standard 
  • Numeric value for spot color production standards which is 6 times more precise than delta E.
  • Image Exercise
    Spot Exercise
  • Benchmark existing manufacturing devices to verify precision and accuracy 
  • Learn which manufacturing devices are most out of alignment, 
  • You may need to adjust the Production Standard number to be higher or lower based on how the majority of your manufacturing devices are performing. 
  • Allow the manufacturing to access built in tools to help them keep their devices in alignment to expectations
  • Track and report how each manufacturing device is performing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, 
  • Automatically send reports to management and each manufacturing device to provide continuous improvement
  • Create customer Job reports on how a job ran on every manufacturing device within the company, any where in the world
  • ChromaChecker benchmarks any new manufacturing device before they are brought on to ensure they can render color within companies production standards.  
  • Prevents serious loss of revenue due to manufacturing device not meeting expectations
  • Ensures manufacturing device have sufficient capability to meet customer expectations.


Getting Started

  • CC for Color Manufacturing
  • Benefits and unique features
  • How to start - CC Licenses and products for Color Manufacturing 

Benefits and unique features 

  • CC Color Repository
  • Specimens and their uniformity/homogeneity
  • Surface finishing, glossiness, texture, special effects
  • Importance of Lighting condition

Color Inspector

  • Color Palettes and Libraries
  • Product / Element / Track
  • Website interface
  • CC Capture Interface
  • Search function
  • Creating Baselines
  • Compare function
  • Barcode automatization

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