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ChromaChecker™ products:

The majority of ChromaChecker Customers start by purchasing "Starter Kit" $4,999; it contains everything company needs to get started with ChromaChecker, supports 5 printing devices, 5 instruments, and data logger for one room. Customers can add more as they need.

* 5 Output Devices- 1-Year Subscription Plan ($1,000/yr/output value) 5 printers    
5 Instrument Inspector/Light booth licenses-1-Year Subscription Plan, eliminate sending instruments back to factory ($750/yr/Instrument/Light value) 5 instruments    
Substrate Inspector Backer ($15 value) 1 pcs    
RHT Cloud Data-Logger with USB cable (no USB charger included) ($399 value) 1 pcs    
TR016 Tolerance Kit- Shows what a 2,3, 4.5 and 6 Delta E and CRF look like ($99 value) 1 pcs    
* Instrument Inspector Target (user can select one: B-42, X-42 or I-42) ($500 value)

1 pcs




 1.  ChromaChecker Starter Kit- 5 Printers and Instruments, X42 Instrument                                                                                        (Part: CC5X42) Starter kit including X42 target (ISIS+other instruments) Substrate backer, RHT Data Logger, E-Factor Kit   $ 4999
 2.  ChromaChecker Starter Kit- 5 Printers and Instruments, B42 Instrument                                                                                        (Part: CC5B42) Starter kit including B42 target (LFP+others) Substrate backer, RHT Data Logger, E-Factor Kit   $ 4999
3.  ChromaChecker Starter Kit- 5 Printers and Instruments, i42 Instrument                                                                                          (Part: CC5i42) Starter kit including i42 target (Intellitrax+others), Substrate backer, RHT Data Logger, E-Factor Kit   $ 4999
4.  Additional Printer and Instrument license            (Part:CC_ADD)  Requires Starter Kit above (1-Year subscription)   $ 1000
5.  Instrument Inspector Target B-42                         (Part:CC_B42) Supports Barbieri LFP, and any hand held device    $ 499
6.  Instrument Inspector Target X-42                         (Part:CC_X42) Supports X-Rite iSis, and any hand held device    $ 499
7.  Instrument Inspector Target I-42                          (Part: CC_i42) Supports any scanning device that supports 6mm x 6mm patch   $ 499
8.  RHT Cloud Data-Logger                                          (Part: CC_DL) Wirelessly upload Temp and Humidity to ChromaChecker, with 2m USB cable (no USB plug included)   $ 499
9.  E-Factor Exercise TR016                                          (Part: CC_TR016) Printed samples showing E-Factors of 2, 3, 4.5 and 6   $ 99
10.  Substrate Backer ISO Conforming, 11x17            (Part: CC_SB_XL) Full size white and black backer ISO Conforming   $ 125
11.  Annual Renewals, Printer/Instrument Quantity 3 or less Renewal for 3 or less Printer/Instruments/Lighting   $1000/per 
12.  Annual Renewals, Printer/Instrument Quantity 4-14  Renewal for 4-14 Printer/Instruments/Lighting   $1000/per 
13.  Annual Renewals, Printer/Instrument Quantity 15-34  Renewal for 15-34 Printer/Instruments/Lighting   $700/per 
14.  Annual Renewals, Printer/Instrument Quantity 35-60  Renewal for 35-60 Printer/Instruments/Lighting   $650/per 






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