November 23, 2022

Automate work using barcodes

Using ChromaChecker CC-2D barcode reader

When working with any supported instrument it is possible to automate manual tasks from Job Identification, Authentication of Operator, and Printer Track selection making the entire process automated.:

  • Operator authentication
  • Task selection: The bar code defines which control strip from which printer, no need to write down which printer on the strip. 
  • Job ID, and Customer description - operator can use the handheld barcode reader to fill in JobID and CustomerID without typing.


Internal X-Rite iSis barcode reader

Please note that ChromaChecker supports the native i1iSis internal barcode reader. ChromaChecker allows administrators to create ISIS bar codes, and manually append them to iSis targets for auto-recognition capabilities.


FD-9 (Myiro 9) QR codes

Barcodes can be generated by the KM software driving the scanner. The software automatically names the data file and places it in a folder monitored by CC Uploader. The uploader software filters the scanned files and directs them to the correct Printer and Track.


  • This tutorial demonstrates how to configure ChromaChecker Uploader to use ChromaChecker Print Inspector for analysis

  • This tutorial shows how to use a barcode to automatically select the print condition and printing device that was used to produce the output being read by the iSis spectrophotometer. This automates the process of a quality check to simply placing the leading edge of the output in the iSis instrument to start the identification of the file and scanning of the control strip.

  • This tutorial shows how to measure spot colors as a virtual control strip using the artwork on the printed sheet.

  • The Virtual Control STrip allows you to define placeholder patches for spot colors. This allows you to have one control strip for indefinite named spot colors that get selected press side based on the spot color running for the job. If not spot color, it represents a blank substrate patch.

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