January 6, 2023


This document details how to use CC Uploader to automatically upload data scan files into the ChromaChecker cloud. For General documentation regarding How to Install and work with CC Uploader, please refer to the document - Uploading Data Into ChromaChecker 


Systems change and vary rapidly so to simplify, the basic principle is to identify where a data file resides on the network and assign that path in CC Uploader. This makes the folder location a “Watch Folder” that will ingest the files when scanned.

Default file locations

Example path - Program Files (x86)/CGS/ORI CERTIFIED WEB/Measurements

File Name Recognition Feature

Please refer to the ChromaChecker Onboarding documentation for custom configuration options. Following is an example of a simple upload of a  CGS ORIS .txt file into an Epson 9000-1 Coated Track using File Name Recognition.


Files that are scanned to the Watch Folder that contains E1_C are placed in the Epson 9000-1 track. A * is placed before and after as a wildcard. Any characters before and after are ignored in order to find the E1_C identifier in the name of the file.



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