January 30, 2023

ChromaLite — Spectrally-corrected Lighting System

Thanks to multi-channel technology, any value in the range D50-D75 can be reached with minimal u'v' offset and high CRI > 98

The lamp can be controlled wirelessly using a wi-fi connection for calibration purposes. Based on measurements performed by a spectrophotometer ( X-Rite i1Pro, Myiro-1, or ColorChecker Studio) driven by CC Capture, it is possible to make perfect lighting conditions specified by ISO-3664 Standard. An additional UV component of the light is also adjustable - so the user has perfect control of the lighting condition.





Two Presets stored in the internal memory can be easily switched with the button. Typically presets are for the P1 and P2 according to ISO standard requirements - but the user can change parameters to custom.

The calibration procedure takes a few minutes, and ISO-3664 requirements are finally perfectly achieved. 





ChromLite Products

ChromaChecker offers three lines of products: 

1. Desktop ChromaLite Lamps

Available in two versions, 24" (60 W max) or 48." (max 120W) can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on an adjustable arm.

The units are low-voltage and come with an external power supply of 230-100V input and 24V output.




 pictures coming soon



2. Retrofits Kits (Lightbooth and Press Consoles)

2pcs T12 24" Retrofit KIT (24" Lightbooth)   2pcs T12 48" Retrofit KIT
(48" Lightbooth)
  4pcs T12 48" Retrofit KIT
(Offset Press Console)

Replace old fluorescent tubes with new LED-based ones; next, connect to the new power supply unit. 



3. ChromaLite Studio


The scalable lighting system where the size of lamps and total power can be customized. Vertical lamps can combine as many units as possible - Each lamp has a mounting socked (typical for photo equipment) - lamps can be mounted in any way. Thanks to wireless communication, no additional control connection is required. Each lamp has a unique address and can be selected in calibration software with no problem.



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