December 30, 2022

Color Variator

This tool is available within Capture QC software or available within the Color Library for the Color Expert. Within Capture QC, the operator can measure a color and output PDFs visualizing all combinations of the delta E variations for the given color. From within the Expert Cloud account, ChromaChecker provides an on-screen simulation of defined Spot Color Tolerance (various ∆E formulas). Whenever the tolerance is defined an additional part of the Sample Report is displayed. Please note that this is simplified - an sRGB version that has limitations - the purpose is to create a very basic evaluation only.



In most cases, we see that brightness contrast is perceived as less accepted compared to hue difference (segments of the ring) and this is why in most cases simple ∆E formula fails for demanding tasks. Please learn about advanced tolerancing and the Snowflake tool.

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