November 25, 2022

Creating Operator's workplace.


Whenever you create a procedure - try it yourself first. Manager's credential enables CC to launch CC Capture. Try if all is optimized. Keep procedure simple. 

Expose benefits

  • Most of the tools can bring practical suggestions and fixes for the production process. From measurements, we know not only if the goal is reached, but also fix the process (generate compensation curves, create ICC profiles, give density suggestions or detect issues with a wrong substrate, contaminated ink or so). The operators should see the value of their work.

  • Clearly determined expectations mean no subjective judgment - when the Operator meets numerically specified values nobody will question quality.  

Too many options? - hide unwanted

  • CC Capture can be personalized - a first option is a startup tool - If Operator uses Print Inspector assign him to the team, which has such a default.

  • Too many control strips or tracks? - reduce them (hide or delete) 
    Assign only the presses that Operator is operating.   Browse the list of scanning templates and hide all that are not required.

  • Whenever it is possible switch to barcode mode: not only for task selection but also metadata description: Job Id, Customer, Project ID ...

Listen to the Operators and Managers

  • Be open to users' suggestions. Most things can be done better. Share with us ideas - we are open to making improvements that are practical.

  • Check if all is clear — if not think about training and e-learning programs

Create a simple - easy-to-understand SOP document.

  • Check if a potential new person can understand it. A PDF file can be uploaded to the CC server and become accessible directly from CC Capture. 


  • Press Operator or Quality Controller should have proper Lighting Conditions. Humans used to judge color visually - there is no sense to provoke color inconstancy issues.


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