September 28, 2022

Data Sharing

Data can be shared between accounts individually with Job Sharing, Press Level with Account Sharing, and Data Level with Measurement Sharing. Data Sharing is complimented by the extensive reporting and integration capabilities of the system. While each of the functions are user friendly, it is suggested you work with your assigned Sales Representative to define the best configuration.

These capabilities allow you to communicate color between Print Buyers and Suppliers, between departments, and between organizations. In combination with our Job Reporting and weekly reports, communication has never been more effective.


  • This tutorial covers ChromaChecker Accountability Inspector for reporting notifications. Print Buyers, Management and Operators can receive reports for devices, locations and productivity that adhere to compliance and tolerances goals.

  • For Print Buyers and Printers today reporting on color quality is a critical part of communication. This tutorial shows how to create a Job Report using ChromaChecker's job reporting functionality. This is designed for both Print Buyers and Printers to best communicate color conformance and define processes that increase productivity.

  • Whether you are a manufacturer in Plastics, Fabrics, or Print you need to get color satisfaction for your customers. ChromaChecker delivers the complete platform and applications required for accurate color reproduction: lighting, instrumentation, substrates, and actual devices.

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