September 28, 2021

Defining Production Guidelines for Print Buyers

Defining Production Guidelines for Print Buyers or as we refer to the Tolerance Set defined for the Print Service Partners can be based on the highest quality achievable by the printing device making it also realistic for the production process selected. 

This can be completed immediately by implementing the data measurements into a live production job to start. The intention is not to change the current print buying approval methods but rather quantifying the methods used and the tolerance that is already part of the printing process. The evaluation of color is subjective so we need to set realistic tolerances as guide rails and base the tolerance on what is visually approved in the past. 

When we talk about being realistic what we mean is don't build a rocket ship to go to the local grocery store. The cost overruns would obviously not make sense and this is similar to printing processes. As you work to maintain high tolerances, the cost will increase so make sure the printing process and the tolerance set meet your needs.

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