February 9, 2022

Fountain Inspector

CC Fountain Inspector let you document important parameter of the fountain solution. It is important to understand the influence of those metrics on the printing process. Depending on specific raw materials and technology recommended values might be different by the generic key is stability — data collection is a fundamental first step. 

Parameters of the Fountain Solution that  Fountain Inspector can track:

  • temperature [°F or °C]
  • pH
  • raw water pH 
  • conductivity [μS/cm]
  • % IPA
  • hardness level
  • brix 


Basic tolerance recommendations:

  • The temperature of Fountain Solution recommended: 55-65 °F
  • PH- 4.0 to 5.5
  • Conductivity: 800-1500

Note about the frequency of data collection

It makes sense to track parameters at least every 4 hours 


How to collect data?

Operator's web interface or CC Capture are the tools for manual data input. To make it possible

  1. The press has to be defined as offset press type
  2. The Fountain Solution Logger has to be created and assigned to the press
  3. The Operator has to be assigned to the offset press with Fountain Solution Logger


ChromaChecker enables the registration of more than one Logger in the system.
Operator's interface and CC Capture prevents data manipulation - timestamp is created by the server 

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