June 21, 2024

Fountain Inspector


Instructions for Using ChromaChecker Fountain Solution

Fountain Inspector Overview: CC Fountain Inspector lets you document important parameters of the fountain solution. Understanding these metrics' influence on the printing process is crucial. Recommended values may vary based on specific raw materials and technology, but stability is key. Data collection is a fundamental first step.

Parameters Tracked by Fountain Inspector:

  • Temperature [°F or °C]
  • pH
  • Raw water pH
  • Conductivity [μS/cm]
  • % IPA
  • Hardness level
  • Brix

Basic Tolerance Recommendations:

  • Temperature of Fountain Solution: 55-65 °F
  • pH: 4.0 to 5.5
  • Conductivity: 800-1500 μS/cm

Note: It makes sense to track parameters at least every 4 hours.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Fountain Inspector

    • Navigate to the Fountain Inspector section in ChromaChecker. This is your starting point for managing your fountain solution parameters.
  2. Add Logger

    • In the Fountain Inspector, locate the option to add a new logger. This will allow you to track and monitor fountain solution data.
    • Click on the "Add Logger" button and follow the prompts to configure your logger settings.
  3. Enter Fountain Tolerances

    • Once the logger is added, enter the specific tolerances for your fountain solution. These tolerances are critical for ensuring the quality and consistency of your print jobs.
    • Input the recommended values accurately:
      • Temperature: 55-65 °F
      • pH: 4.0 to 5.5
      • Conductivity: 800-1500 μS/cm
  4. Assign Device(s)

    • Note: Press must be defined as Offset in the Print Inspector/Device configuration
    • Assign the appropriate device(s) to the logger you have configured. This step links your equipment to the monitoring system, ensuring that data is collected from the correct sources.
    • Select the devices from the available list and confirm the assignment.
  5. Go to Accountability Inspector/Overview and Assign Operators

    • After setting up the logger and assigning devices, navigate to the Accountability Inspector or Overview section.
    • Here, assign the operators who will be responsible for monitoring and managing the fountain solution data.
    • Ensure each operator is correctly assigned to their respective tasks to maintain accountability and oversight.

By following these steps, you'll set up and manage the ChromaChecker Fountain Solution effectively, ensuring consistent quality in your print production.



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