June 21, 2024

G7® Curve Inspector

Integrating G7 ink-zone color bars control strip into normal production workflows presents numerous advantages for color management and calibration. Here are the key benefits and capabilities of using ChromaChecker™:

  1. Elimination of Dedicated Print Runs:

    • No more dedicated print runs for calibrating plate curves: ChromaChecker™ allows for the calibration of plate curves using actual production data, significantly reducing the need for separate calibration runs.
  2. Efficient G7 Calibration:

    • Advanced G7 reporting: ChromaChecker™ provides comprehensive G7 reporting across the entire production process. It can calculate G7 calibration curves from a limited number of patches, such as the 64-patch target, which has shown excellent results compared to the traditional 300-patch P2P.
    • Integrated ink zone color bar compatibility: The integrated ink zone color bar is compatible with X-Rite and Techkon measurement devices, enabling users to iterate plate curves using data from actual press runs.
  3. Continuous Quality Control:

    • 24/7 online quality control: The system offers round-the-clock quality control with accountability management, allowing assessment of operator conformance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
    • Press performance monitoring: ChromaChecker™ provides the ability to monitor how close the press is to the printing aim, such as GRACoL standards.
  4. Enhanced Comparisons and Matching:

    • Comparative analysis: The system can compare press output to proof, press to press, and press to digital press, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the color match across different printing devices and jobs.

By integrating these capabilities into the normal production process, ChromaChecker™ helps maintain high color accuracy, reducing waste, and improving overall efficiency in the printing workflow.





  • This tutorial shows how to take uploaded measurement data to create a iterated press curve without having to complete a dedicated press run.

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