November 16, 2021

How to print high quality Proof using low-cost printer and Adobe Photoshop

With a low-cost ink-jet or laser printer, you can print professional proofs! If all components are properly selected and steps are done, proof can be certified according to ISO standards. A similar procedure is perfect for a controlled photo printout. 


What do you need?

  • Color printer - a high-resolution device equipped with original inks or tonners.
  • High-quality substrate  (for proof use paper that is certified for this purpose)
  • Measurement Instrument (e.g. i1Pro, NIX,  or any other compatible with CC Capture)
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • CC-400 RGB  or CC-RGB

Print Condition Qualification - the key to success!

Your printer probably has different printing settings (speed, resolution, bi or uni-directional method, additional technologies like microwaving...) By changing any of the parameters we can get different results

Some printers offer CMYK+ inks - it is not very rare that Orange Violets or Green inks are installed. Also, light CMYK inks are offered by some vendors. The key parameter for the final printout is the substrate. For Ink-jet printers a lot of products offer variable quality and gamut.

Gamut - how rich is a space of printable colors. 

Every print condition = setting/ink/substrate combination is different. Different papers can absorb ink differently - final color saturation depends on all factors - qualification means step where we can describe gamut with numbers. 


CC-400 RGB can verify printed stability and quantify gamut /create an ICC profile in a single operation! Print it, wait a couple of minutes to get dry, and measure! Process complete!

CC_RGB is dedicated to manual measurements with instruments like NIX or Spectro1 









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