September 1, 2022

Import Staff Members

To make your onboarding process easier, you may use a simple CSV (comma delimited) form to batch upload your staff members and assign them to teams and printing devices. Missing teams will be automatically created, however, print devices have to be pre-created. Please use a simple comma "," to separate multiple devices or teams. Each CSV column should be separated using the semicolon ";"


Spreadsheet example:

# Prefix First Name Middle Name Last Name E-mail Login Phone Function   Level ID card Team Print Devices
1 Mr Stephen   Brown s.brown@abc_litho Brown 124 567 234 Operator Basic 1234 Managers,Press Operators Digital 01
2 Mrs Jessica   White j.white@abc_litho White   Manager Expert 2132 Managers Proofer,Digital 01,KBA74,Digital 02
3 Mr Mike   Blue Blue   Operator Basic 4978 Press Operators Digital 01,Proofer
4 Mr Patric   Jordan p.jordan@abc_litho Jordan   Operator Basic 7754 Press Operators Digital Press
5 Mr John   Johnson j.johnson@abc_litho Johnson 776 124 119 Operator Basic 6175 Press Operators KBA74
6 Mr Elvis   Presley elvis@abc_litho Presley   Operator Basic 9738 Press Operators KBA74
7 Mr Glen   Miiler glen@abc_litho Miiler   Operator Basic 1178 Press Operators KBA74
8 Mr Kyle   Stalone k_stalone@abc_litho Stalone 444 781 679 Operator Basic 2184 Press Operators Digital 02,Proofer
9 Mr Brady   Anderson anderson@abc_litho Anderson   Operator Basic 3698 Press Operators Digital 02,Proofer
10 Mr Peter   Gabriel pgabriel@abc_litho Gabriel   Operator Basic 4477 Press Operators Digital 02,Proofer


Important notes:

For the "Function" column, please type one of the following values: For the "Level" column please type one of the following values: "Print Device"  column
  • Operator
  • Manager
  • Top Manager
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Please use exact device names which are registered in the CC system!
  • No space before a comma.
  • Mandatory fields are: First Name, Last Name, e-mail, Login, Level, Function — rest are all optional
  • No need to configure user passwords. Each user will receive an e-mail with a unique link to set up their password. Uploading the .csv file with the names, and levels will expedite this configuration step. You may manually set or change passwords later for any of the users in Accountability Inspector.
  • Import CSV works now with both semicolons and tabs. The script will check the first header row and count how many semicolons and tabs it contains, and will automatically pick whatever has a higher number for the rest of the rows.
  • Also, please be aware that if you upload CSV with the login that already exists, it will overwrite the existing user's setting.

The sample template is available here: 

Excel file: Sample_Staff_list  or in zipped CSV: Sample_Staff_list


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