December 13, 2021

Instrument Inspector

If you use instruments to measure data, then you need to know the integrity of the instruments if you want to use the measurement data to make critical decisions such as "is the print salable."  Instrument Inspector assesses the consistency (precision) of the instrument to itself and over time (repeatability) in a metric that can easily be applied to your manufacturing process in order to be confident that the device is rendering color within your expectations. This process can eliminate the need to send the instrument back to the factory once a year to be certified, which can save thousands of dollars per instrument per year. 

In addition, Instrument Inspector can be used to compensate for the differences between multiple measurement devices, and help you understand if mixing instruments in a given workflow will work based on the expectations for color matching.

Any software that measures color should have a module to ensure the measurement devices are performing to an acceptable level of precision and accuracy based on your companies expectations to ensure your process is manufacturing salable color.


  • Using ChromaChecker Capture and Instrument Inspector you can baseline an instrument to ensure it is within ISO standards. Once baseline, the instrument can be checked over time to provide the required reporting for ISO compliance. This check will satisfy the costly need to return the instrument for verification.

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