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Privacy Policy

An updated version of our Privacy Policy takes effect on May 25, 2018.

What data does ChromaChecker collect?

ChromaChecker mainly processes measurement data describing technological processes. The entire service is directed to the Organizations - mainly Firms and Institutions mainly operating in the area of industrial color reproduction. For this reason, the main data collected by the system describe the technological condition of production machines and devices. These data register various optical, spectral, physical, chemical or similar parameters for the purposes of analytics and reporting.

1. Main User - the official representative of the Organization

However, for the conclusion of the contract and the provision of services, please provide - and it is mandatory - basic contact details of the Main User - the official representative of the Organization for which ChromaChecker services are to be provided.

The Personal Data collected is: First name, Last name, business email address, business phone number.

2. Employee List (optional)

In certain situations, ChromaChecker can be used as a platform where employee rights are assigned to the Organization's employees - a detailed description of such service is included in the "Accountability Inspector" section below.

How We Use Personal Data?

ChromaChecker uses Personal Data to:

  1. Communicate with your Organization
  2. Respond to your questions.
  3. Provide customer support.
  4. Enable online shopping.
  5. Share updates, news, or helpful information about our products and services.
  6. Inform your Organization of promotions and other marketing activities
  7. Allow you to sign up for online services and cloud-based Application
  8. Analyze, customize and improve our products, services, communications with your Organization
  9. Deliver products and services requested by your Organization.
  10. Notify you about administrative matters that pertain to your ChromaChecker products or services.

How is my data collected?

During the registration process, the Main User must provide the most basic personal data allowing for establishing a relationship with the representative of the Organization.

During the term of the service agreement, the Organization may change the representative person and modify all his data by editing the User Profile

Who processes my data?

The company that processes Personal Data is:

ChromaChecker Corp.
6563 North Shore
TrailForest Lake, MN 55025, USA
651.717.0590 Fax 651.305.9325

How long are my data stored (Period of Storage)?

The account and the data belonging to it remain on the server for 180 days since the last time the Main User logged into the system. 14 days before the end of time an email will be sent with a request to maintain an account - the lack of a response consisting in logging into the system will start the procedure of terminating the account and all data stored on the server.

The Main User can delete all data from the server at any time and the system will delete and forget all data including Personal Data. In a technologically reasonable time, Personal Data will also be deleted from backups, too.

How is my data protected?

Access to the website takes place in a secure connection (using an encrypted connection). The site has an SSL security certificate issued by a trusted issuer - commonly recognized by popular Internet browsers. ChromaChecker servers are located in the most modern Data-Centers run by OVH, including Canada, USA, France, Poland and other countries.

We use anti-DDoS protection to ensure maximum infrastructure security. Data is replicated in various locations around the world. Multilevel data separation - working on many instances gives a technologically advanced solution with an overall high level of security

ChromaChecker uses solutions to separate data and resources of different types, protecting personal data in a special way. Frequent archiving of a dedicated part of resources allows you to delete information that you want to be forgotten from backups.

What are my Rights Regarding Personal Data?

The User has the right to view, correct, and delete his Personal Data with oblivion. If the User Data is changed to another person - the previous personal data of the Organization's representative will be forgotten, and the technical account settings and technological measurements will be stopped. Complete removal of the account will erase everything irretrievably - in the field of personal data, the removal will also take place from backups.

How We Share Personal Data

We share your personal data as necessary to complete a transaction or provide a product or service you have requested or authorized. For example, when you provide payment data to make a purchase, we will share your payment data with banks and other entities that process payment transactions or provide other financial services, and for fraud prevention and credit risk reduction.

Where We Process and Store Personal Data?

Server instances themselves are located in different Data-Centers in different locations worldwide (including Canada, USA, France, Poland, and other countries)


ChromaChecker does not direct any part of its website to children under 13 years old (or such age as a child is defined by local law if higher) and does not knowingly collect personal data from children or target its website or products to children.

Accountability Inspector - the internal database of the Organization's position structure.

ChromaChecker is intended as a tool to eliminate production errors - it is not focused on people - but on technological processes. However, by offering a number of tools with functionality adapted to many different segments of the technological process (a specific machine, instrument device, ...) it must be based on the authorization assigned to specific job positions, the scope of responsibility, and competence for its effective operation.

To implement the functionality of this tool, ChromaChecker provides an IT platform for building an internal - accessible only to the Main User and the Organization represented by him. This database is intended to describe the internal structure of the Organization's positions and affects the production monitored by ChromaChecker. This database can be filled anonymously with the use of job descriptions or if so decided by the Organization / Main User using real employee personal data.

The collected data is:

  1. Nickname or First name
  2. Name
  3. E-mail address for notifications
  4. Login
  5. The password required to log in

Operator permissions granted by the Main User are required to work with the operator’s and manager’s versions of the ChromaChecker Applications. From the technical point of view, the Operator, e.g. a measurement instrument, may very well use real personal data - but these data are not required by the system - just a generic name (not associated with a specific person), e.g. Operator A.

  1. The decision to use real Employee Data is an autonomous decision of the Organization and must be made by the Main User representing it, taking into account legal provisions in the country of the Organisation.
  2. The Main User acting on behalf of the Organization is responsible for adapting the use of the tool to the locally applicable law and fulfilling all additional legal requirements (informing employees about the method and scope of using their Personal Data, their improvement, and deletion, etc.) If the law of the country requires it - it is the duty of the Main User to fulfill all legal obligations required before the creation of the Employee List.
  3. The Main User becomes the Administrator of the Personal Data of employees of his Organization in the scope of the created list of employees.
  4. The Main User may enter, correct, and delete entries to the Employee List. Once deleted, entries will not be able to be restored.
  5. Employees registered by the Main User have systemically access to the application that allows them to view and correct their data, however, due to the fact that their presence on the List of Employees results from the employment relationship - only the Main User may delete it. The deletion of the data is permanent and can not be restored.
  6. Updating the list remains in the exclusive bindings of the Main User, and it is the user's responsibility to manually delete entries of people who have stopped working for the Organization.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Main User to periodically verify the validity of the list so that it does not contain any unnecessary entries.
  8. Backups for the technical maintenance of the system are made very often so as to update the changes on a current basis.

ChromaChecker does not have any dedicated tools to administer the content of your Organization’s List of Employees and any Personal Data defined in this list. These data are processed only within the Main User's account. Only the Organization through the Main User representing it and ChromaChecker Applications have access to the resources of this database. Access for the ChromaChecker Application is created only for verification of access rights and preparation of internal reports for the needs of the Organization.

The Employees' List (Staff)  data is not publicly available - no other users of the ChromaChecker system or any cooperating entities have access to them. 

Statement Updates

ChromaChecker reserves the right to make changes to this statement. If we make changes, we will revise this privacy statement to reflect such changes and revise the effective date of the statement.

Statement Effective Date: May 16, 2018.


What Was Revised in this Update?

This privacy statement has been updated to reflect changes to address European data protection regulations.

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